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Our Story at Riverside RV

During the most turbulent financial crisis since the 1920s in 2008 Riverside RV had its beginnings. In a backyard shed on US 20, close to LaGrange Indiana, the entrepreneurs began building trailers. Since the location is in the middle Amish country, it has an Amish driven workmanship, with a high percentage of Amish employed in production.

In 2012, Riverside was bursting at the seams, desperately needing more space as it continued to grow, the business was relocated to east of LaGrange.  Growth took Riverside from a 50′ x 125′ building to a 150,000 sq. ft. building.

Putting a Modern Twist on the Past. Designing for What’s Next.


While we all like to think with nostalgia about the “good old days”, we do prefer modern conveniences that we are accustomed to using daily. We combine the two with the Retro travel trailer, which encapsulates beloved 1950s style with the modern conveniences of today. Still, we knew the quirky style of the Retro wouldn’t be for everyone. For those who love a combination of aggressive and elegant design, we crafted the Intrepid. Inside and out, the Intrepid brings the best of luxury and functionality to modern travel trailers.


Thank you first of all – for your response – and thank you for the information. Very helpful. We LOVE the camper! The 193, in my opinion, is the best overall for a couple. It does everything we could ask for.

Retro Owner

We bought our 5th Wheel from Freedom RV in Tucson, AZ just last month. We are on the road, stopped in Parker, AZ and driving through Las Vegas. Every stop we have had folks drooling and snapping pictures. Thanks for a great rig!


We were looking for the perfect trailer and found it at Riverside RV! We are absolutely in love with the new trailer and can’t wait to take her traveling!


Could wait no longer to thank you, and your organization, for all that you did to make me a happy owner of the Riverside Whitewater Retro 155XL. Your patience and persistence paid off in the end and I’m more than satisfied with the outcome. So many products are literally designed to fail, forcing the owners to upgrade and replace; this was a rare exception. You stood behind your work, and your promise of customer satisfaction. You have a solid team of individuals who exceed expectations.

Altwegg Family

We just received our 2017 Black & White, Whitewater 177 travel trailer. We love the design and especially the split twin bed option. We chose Riverside RV because of your craftsmanship and attention to detail. Thank you for making minor modifications to meet our needs. Our neighbors have complemented us on it several times. We are looking forward to our first trip as well as visiting a different National Park every year. Thank You!

Two Travel Trailer Brands, Built With Excellence



Our success as a company distills down to one thing: quality. From Amish manufacturing and craftsmanship to quality testing, communication with our dealers and fans, and brand simplicity, we know the excellence of our products and services determines our success. 


Our website is simple – two travel trailer brands each customizable with a number of floorplans, interior and exterior color selections, and additional amenity add-ons.  Compared to other RV manufacturers, our brand and model lines are small.  

That’s intentional.  


Riverside RV perfects what we have before offering anything new. That doesn’t mean we aren’t innovative, we’re just committed.

Model changes and updates regularly come to the Intrepid and Retro. And, new products developed behind the scenes. Still, our two tentpole brands are a testament to our restraint and commitmentproviding the best end product to the people we serve.

Quality Assurance & RV Inspections

Riverside RVs manufacturers the highest quality Recreational Vehicles all of Northern Indiana.  Known for building the most nostalgic brand of travel trailers, the Retro, in the RV industry, Riverside RV is proud to stand with all of our dealer partners, while providing them with the highest quality travel trailer in the industry.

This means that each and every unit is closely inspected. Inside and out. In production and after completion. We want you to have confidence in our products, and that’s why we invest time and effort into this important inspection process.

You deserve a tightly built unit that withstands punishing rains and other harsh conditions. Our recreational vehicles undergo a re-inspection in our PDI/Rain Bay to ensure each unit is free from leaks and other issues. The result is an RV designed for your maximum enjoyment.


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Mini and Micro Campers are dramatically increasing in popularity as more and more people discover the benefits of small travel trailers. To see a Retro mini camper up close, locate and contact a Riverside RV dealer. If you find your perfect match, be sure to send us pictures of your mini camper adventures!

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