Micro and Mini Campers

Compact Design, Big-Time Fun

If you travel alone or with a partner, is the RV life still for you? Absolutely. While we’re used to seeing twenty to thirty feet RVs out on the road, small travel trailers are incredibly popular among single travelers, pairs of friends, and couples who love to get away together. 

Micro and mini campers are convenient travel companions that also fit in all kinds of spaces. At Riverside RV, we offer three unique small travel trailers ranging from the 12’ 8” micro camper to our largest 16’ 4” mini camper.

511 Retro Micro Camper 


Length: 12’ 8” 

Width: 88” 

Interior Height: 4’ 10” 

Traveling light? The 511 Retro Micro Camper gives solo travelers or duos with wanderlust a great place to rest and relax in between expeditions. Micro Campers are the smallest RV option. They strip your living space down to the bare essentials and keep your trip focused on what the outdoors have to offer. 

That doesn’t mean you’re without any comforts and entertainment. The micro camper still fits a small entertainment center and comfortable, pull-out couch into its design. 

When it’s mealtime, you can open the outside back door to access a mini-fridge, microwave, and a two-burner stove. One important absence is a bathroom – so if you choose to go micro, make sure you’re camping near some public restrooms! 

511 micro camper floor plan

Comparing the 135 and 166 Retro Mini Campers

Mini campers are a size step up from the mico camper. With their additional square footage, they’re able to include an indoor cooking space and bathroom — and a queen bed. Our two mini camper floorplans share similarities, but there are a few key differences to note if you’re shopping for a mini RV.

135 red and black mini camper
yellow retro 166 2021

135 Overview 

Length: 15’ 9” 

Width: 7’6”

Interior Height: 6’5”

166 Overview 

Length: 16’ 4” 

Width: 6’10”

Interior Height: 6’



The 135 model includes a couch for additional lounge space, while the 166 floor plan tightens the bathroom space and trades the couch for a kitchen dinette. Each floor plan has its perks. We suggest taking a close look at each before making your final decision.

Find a Riverside RV

Mini and Micro Campers are dramatically increasing in popularity as more and more people discover the benefits of small travel trailers. To see a Retro mini camper up close, locate and contact a Riverside RV dealer. If you find your perfect match, be sure to send us pictures of your mini camper adventures!