Small Travel Trailers

A Lightweight, Low-Stress Camping Experience 

Entering the world of camping for the first time can be intimidating. But new and younger RVers are turning to small travel trailers for a lower-cost, entry-level camping experience. The Riverside Retro brand is addressing the popular demand for small travel trailers with four compact micro and mini camper models. 

Benefits of Small Travel Trailers

  • Easy to haul 
  • Easy to park 
  • Fits in more places 
  • Needs a less heavy-duty towing vehicle 
  • More fuel-efficient 
  • Takes up less space in your garage, yard, or storage facility 
  • Less expensive and more accessible for young or single campers
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The Best Travel Trailer for Traveling Solo

Solo travelers can get their small camper fix with either our ultra-compact 509 or 511 Retro Micro Camper.

The 509 Micro Camper (the most lightweight travel trailer) 

With a total dry weight of 1,050 Ibs, a 13’8” length and a 4’5” interior height the 509 micro camper is our most lightweight travel trailer. This travel trailer leaves all extras behind. 

It provides a queen bed for sleeping as well as a small storage space accessible from the back of the trailer along with a sink and two-burner stove. For the wanderlust traveler who prefers a minimalist approach, the 509 is an ideal, small travel trailer option. 

The 511 Micro Camper (the smallest travel trailer)

The 511 Micro is built for the true adventurer who spends their days outdoors and only returns to their camper for food and sleep. At 12’8” long, this is our most compact model, which includes a pull-out couch, small entertainment center, and outdoor kitchen. This model doesn’t include a bathroom – so make sure to plan your trips at campsites with public restrooms available.

For Solo Campers and Plus Ones  

The 135 Mini Camper 

Solo campers who spend more time indoors or occasionally bring a friend along for the adventure will want to go with the 135 Mini Camper. The combination of a queen bed and sofa makes it possible to invite a guest on your trip or will keep things extra luxurious for a solo vacationer. With a bathroom, indoor kitchen, and 6’5” of headroom, this is a comfortable, spacious option that’s still lightweight and easy to haul.

The Perfect Travel Trailer for Two 

At 16’4”, the 166 mini camper is the largest of Riverside’s Retro small travel trailer collection. It provides the most amenities including a queen size bed, interior cooking area, and a kitchen dinette. The 6’ interior height also provides a luxurious interior living experience for most campers. 

Browse The Smallest Travel Trailer Floorplans 

Small Travel Trailer FAQs 

Are your small travel trailers less than 3,000 Ibs?

Yes! All three of our micro and mini campers have a total dry weight of fewer than 3,000 pounds. But remember – the things you pack in your RV will add to the weighted total! Pack light to maximize fuel efficiency. 

Do all your small travel trailers have bathrooms?

Both of our mini camper models have bathrooms, but the Retro 511 and 509 Micro Campers do not. Fortunately, campsites often have public restrooms you can use if you really want to cut down on your travel trailer space!

Will I be able to stand up in a small travel trailer?

Comfort is important. Our most compact camper is the 509 Micro camper, which has a shorter interior height of 4’5”. The 511 Micro camper is slightly taller at 4’10”. If you go with a micro camper, your objective is basically to eat and sleep in it – so fortunately you’ll be sitting or laying down most of the time!

Our mini campers are bigger and designed for more time indoors. Most people will be able to stand in our mini camper models as they have 6’ or 6’5” interior heights, depending on the model you choose.

Won’t cooking be uncomfortable in the Micro Campers since they’re so short?

Crouched cooking would be the worst, which is why the 509 and 511’s compact design actually doesn’t include an interior kitchen. Instead, the back of the camper opens up to reveal the cooking space. The cooking space is different between models, so be sure to check out the 509 and 511 floorplans to check the differences. 

What’s the difference between the bathrooms in the 135 and 166 Mini Camper Models?

The bathroom in the 135 is a standard dry bath with a toilet and shower (note: to save space, we anticipate you’ll use the kitchen sink to wash your hands). 

The 166 bathroom has what’s called a “wet bath,” where the bathroom is more compact and the entire floor is made of the shower flood material so the whole thing can get wet without consequence. This design is common in small travel trailers and gives space for the popular kitchen dinette.

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