Building Your Retro RV: Interior and Exterior Options

The Vintage Retro RV

The vintage Retro RV is an eye-catching brand that stands out on the road and at the campground. While all Retros have a familiar shape and scheme, the RVs are extremely customizable, allowing you to personalize your unit inside and out. 

*Not all interior and exterior options are available on all models (though most are). Be sure to ask your dealer about the color options of the unit you’re interested in.

Retro RV Interior OptionsBirch vs. Maple

While the Retro exterior will always look like something from the 1950s, the interior includes some design options that can keep your RV interior true to the vintage theme, or let it deviate into modern territory.

Riverside Birch

Riverside Maple


Birchwood walls, checkerboard flooring, and bright seating options make the Retro Birch Interior our most popular look for the Retro. The diner-style is a one-of-a-kind standout and the Birch walls instantly transport you back to simpler decades. Meanwhile, the bold seating color options cause instant shake and juke-box cravings. For those of you that think the checkered floor is a tad too much, we have a neutral option for you as well.  Maybe we’re a little Birch biased, but hey, can you blame us? 

Seating Selections 

The Birch look comes with its own seating color options for the dinette area (when applicable). These include bold red, seafoam green, and aqua colors as well as a grey option for a more neutral look. 


The addition of the Maple interior brought Retro fans the opportunity to have it both ways with an RV exterior that’s a total throwback and an interior that matches the look of the 2020s. The Maple interior includes white walls and brown Maple flooring and cabinetry. A favorite feature of the Maple interior is the wood panel look behind the main bed!

Seating Selections

Unlike the Birch interior, all Maple interiors have a modern scheme. The Maple decor includes neutral tones that create a calming interior aesthetic.

Retro RV Exterior Options

We’ve covered the inside. Time to move out. One of the most exciting things about the Retro is just how many color options you have to choose from.

Several shades of blue? Sure! Yellow? Got it. Classic black, silver, and white – absolutely. Here’s our full list of Retro RV exterior colors.

  • Silver 
  • Red
  • Aqua
  • Orange
  • Seafoam Green 
  • Royal Blue 
  • Indigo Blue 
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White

Browse More Retro RV Options

You have the power to make your Retro your own. With our interior and exterior design selections and our versatile floor plans, you’ll have plenty of ways to personalize your RV. When you find something you like, find a Riverside RV distributor near you. Then start planning your next road trip Riverside style.

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