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See the Eye-Catching Retro Exterior

Built Today with a 1950s Style

The Retro is a compact, lightweight travel trailer with customization options that start with the size and look of your rv exterior. The retro brand has multiple size options ranging from micro and mini campers to a full-size 28’ Bunkhouse. Haul your Retro with a Small SUV, Jeep, Van, or ½ Ton. View our Retro specifications guide for details on the dry weight, water tank size, axel count and more. Our Retros aren’t remodels or restorations, they’re brand new RVs intentionally designed with a vintage look. 

Elegantly Shaped

The exterior of the Retro RV provides an instant kick of nostalgia as the classic or teardrop RV shape. The smooth curves remind you of simpler days. The rounded exterior extends a welcoming feeling with an invitation to time hop during your travels.

Designed for Function (and Fun)

Retro campers are lightweight and easy to haul. There’s no other way to put it. The Retro RV is vibrant and fun on the inside and out, which is one reason why it’s been featured in music videos and TV commercials viewed from across the globe. Choose from 8 power-punching colors or 3 neutral tones for your retro RV exterior.

Step Inside & Back in Time

The interior of the Retro stays true to the name with the classic, black and white checkerboard flooring reminiscent of the 1950’s diner style. Dinette cushions pop in aqua, red, or seafoam green, but are also available in grey for a more neutral look. Bright birch wood covers the interior walls and cabinetry (N/A in 511 models), securing the vintage style.

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Riverside RV Retro 511 Floorplan


Riverside RV Retro 135


Riverside RV Retro 165 Floorplan


Riverside RV Retro 171 Floorplan


Riverside RV Retro 179 Floorplan


Riverside RV 185RK Retro Floorplan


Riverside RV Retro 190 Floorplan


Riverside RV Retro 210 Floorplan


Riverside RV Retro 211 Floorplan


Riverside RV Retro 240 Floorplan


Riverside RV Retro 245 Floorplan


Riverside RV 290BH Retro Floorplan

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Between the Retro and Intrepid brands, Riverside RV offers a broad selection of floorplans and styles for every kind of camper. With dealers located across the U.S. and Canada, finding a Riverside RV near you is just a click away.

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