Meet the 231 Ellie Art Bunkhouse

The Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer

Travel is better together.

That’s the mindset behind bunkhouse travel trailers, which are built to accommodate more travel companions. The term “bunkhouse” specifically refers to a travel trailer or RV that has space with at least two bunk beds. Most bunkhouse floor plans are intentionally designed with family and group travel in mind.

ellie art bunkhouse travel trailer

 The 231 Ellie Art Bunkhouse Retro Travel Trailer

Why do we think the 231 EABH is the best bunkhouse travel trailer? At 26’3”, the lightweight 231 Riverside Retro bunkhouse is a manageable size that creatively meets sleep capacity and recreational needs. The foldaway bunks and sofa murphy-bed allow a family to sleep comfortably at night and enjoy space for lounging and games during the day.

The Retro design adds an element of fun with checkerboard flooring and wood walls that remind us of simpler times. Despite the old-school look, the retro bunkhouse contains answers to modern needs with ample outlets, a modern bathroom, and indoor and outdoor cooking areas. Families are given the opportunity to eat outside by the fire or indoors around the u-shaped dinette, which also serves as a great game table.


Retro Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Highlights


Length: 26’3”

Key Features: Fold-away bunk beds, sofa murphy bed, u-shaped dinette and the best outside kitchen Riverside has produced to date.

ellie art sees her new travel trailer

It Started with a Wish 

The 231 Ellie Art Bunkhouse holds a special place in the heart and history of Riverside RV. In 2019, we were contacted by the Make-A-Wish foundation and asked to create a custom retro bunkhouse travel trailer for then six-year-old cancer survivor Ellie Art. 

We didn’t have to think about it. The answer was an emphatic “yes.” 

Ellie wanted a travel trailer she could use to explore the U.S. with her family. We delivered the 26’ retro bunkhouse travel trailer complete with a custom logo featuring Ellie’s initials in her honor.

EA Bunkhouse Travel Trailer FAQs

What is a sofa murphy bed?
Murphy beds are commonly found in studio apartments or small spaces that need more sleep capacity. Traditional murphy beds fold up into a cabinet-like furniture piece. Our sofa murphy bed offers easily-convertible sleeping and lounging space.
What is the Sleep Capacity for the 231 Ellie Art Bunkhouse?
The 231 Ellie Art Bunkhouse includes two fold-away bunk beds and a murphy bed. This allows 4 people to sleep comfortably in the 231 EABH.
What’s included in the outdoor kitchen?
The outdoor kitchen includes a sink, skillet, and mini-refrigerator. The 231 Ellie Art Bunkhouse also features a full indoor kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator, an oven, stove, and double sink.
Will I be able to tow the 231 Ellie Art Bunkhouse?
The 231 Retro Bunkhouse Travel Trailer is ½ ton towable. View the 231 Ellie Art Bunkhouse product page for complete weight and dimension information.

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