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Choosing a Travel Trailer vs. a Motorhome

RV travel trailers are recreational vehicles that are towed to camping destinations behind a truck or SUV. While motorhomes combine a vehicle with living space, travel trailers keep these separate. 

For full-timers, the all-in-one package of the motorhome is alluring, however cumbersome when exploring the area near their campground. It prevents travelers from having the opportunity to hop in a tow vehicle without breaking down your campsite. Travel trailers, on the other hand, give you everything you need for your campsite, plus the freedom to explore the surrounding area with ease.  

Advantages of Owning an RV Travel Trailer

Travel trailers offer a different set of benefits. The ability to detach the towing vehicle to go run errands and make other trips adds ease for people who enjoy exploring away from the campsite. Additionally, travel trailers tend to be less expensive than motorhomes – especially for people who already love and own an SUV or truck.


When you shop for a travel trailer, you’ll be presented with size options ranging from small travel trailers to 36’ long full-size campers. 

Micro and Mini Campers 

Mini campers are ideal for adventurous individuals or couples with wanderlust. Due to their compact design, mini campers combine, eliminate, or cleverly include sleeping, living, and cooking space. Be sure to explore the different mini camper layouts to find what suits your travel style.

Currently, Riverside RV offers a micro camper and two versions of a mini camper (ranging from 12’ 8 to 16’ 4”) in our Retro travel trailer line. The Intrepid modern travel trailer brand is unveiling four small travel trailer units soon. 

Big Travel Trailers 

Larger travel trailers provide space for bigger families that enjoy traveling together. The bigger travel trailer units can sleep much more than 1-2 people comfortably, with some models suitable for as many as 10 campers. These models are 25’ 11” to 32’ long and include distinct living, cooking, and sleeping spaces.

Riverside RV Intrepid Travel Trailer
intrepid travel trailer
silver black retro


Travel should be easy. Extra weight means extra hassle, which is why Riverside creates lightweight travel trailers that are ½ Ton Towable. 

½ Ton Towable means that our travel trailers can typically be pulled by half-ton vehicles. However, not all half-ton vehicles are made equal. While most half-tons can pull 6,500 – 10,000 Ibs, not all do. 

Check the weight of the travel trailer unit you’re interested in and your vehicle’s tow rating before making a travel trailer purchase. 

Styles of Travel Trailers

Travel trailer styles vary from classic, vintage design to modern, futuristic looks. Because we specialize in travel trailers alone, we’ve been able to perfect both the vintage and modern travel trailer looks.

retro logo
Blue Intrepid logo

Retro Travel Trailers 

New retro travel trailers are campers that look like they’re from the 1950s, but have the modern amenities and features you’d expect and want today. Our Retro brand appears vintage inside and out. 

The Retro Exterior

  • Bright color options 
  • Teardrop and classic shapes 

The Retro Interior 

  • 1950s style dinette 
  • Vintage colors that pop 
  • Famous checkerboard flooring

Modern Travel Trailers 

After perfecting the vintage travel trailer with our Retro brand, we sought to do the same with modern design. Our Intrepid has everything lux — ample storage, abundant space, and floor plans for every kind of modern traveler. 

Intrepid Exterior 

  • Bold lines 
  • Sleek shape and aggressive profile 

Intrepid Interior 

  • Modern furnishing 
  • Neutral tones



Floor plans

Your floor plan in your travel trailer is as important as your floor plan in your house. As you think about which floor plan you want, you should keep some questions in mind.

  • Who will you travel with the most?
  • What’s the minimum and maximum number of people you’ll want to travel with?
  • Where is storage most important to you (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom)?
  • Do you like cooking outside?
  • How much time do you spend inside your RV when you travel?

We suggest writing down a list of what’s important to you and using that as a guide as you browse through floor plans.

Find a Riverside RV

Between the Retro and Intrepid brands, Riverside RV offers a broad selection of floorplans and styles for every kind of camper. With dealers located across the U.S. and Canada, finding a Riverside RV near you is just a click away. 

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